Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meeting Martha...

Tonight I meet Martha at the Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown Austin. I meet her on MySpace, a week ago. She sent me a few emails, then we exchanged yahoo IDs and then phone numbers. Martha was in Austin for her Real Estate job. Martha said she was scared of the big city because last time she was in Dallas her car was broken into and she loss everything.

I told her Austin was a great city and very friendly. I offered to take her out for dinner and she accepted, to my surprised. Martha actually texted me her phone number when she was in the city. I was working and a little surprised. Up until that moment, we had only communicated online. I never even heard her voice. I picked her up at her hotel in my car. This is not something I would normally recommend to as a first date, but something felt right about it. Martha didn't seem scared of me at all? I guess I have that effect on people. People always see me as very trustworthy. Not sure why...? I guess it should not be a surprise. I did move in with a girl that I never meet in person. Hey, its the 21st century. Everything is virtual and online now. Who needs to meet in person to get to know someone these days.

We went to 6th street, the main spot in downtown Austin where all
the bars and restaurants are. We ate at Habana's. A really nice Cuban place with great food. We decided to eat outside and while it was a bit breezy, Martha didn't seem to mind. I noticed that she was probably a little cold, but knew that she was keeping that to herself. I would have loved to keep her warm, but since it was our first meeting, it was probably a little to early for that. After dinner we took a drive around downtown. It was my first time in the State Capitol so we decided to take a look around. The picture above is of Martha in front of the Capitol building.

I got to know Martha a little more during the night. My first impression was that she was a very nice girl. A devout, Church going Catholic, just like my mom. Martha said that she goes to church twice a week. My mother would love her. She works in Real Estate and I love that. I have 3 houses in Michigan, so I know a bit about buying houses. I just need to learn to sell them someday. arggghhh...

Martha is also a Zumba fitness instructor. She says she does this for fun and to stay fit. I learn that she is well travelled. Her Zumba job sends her around the country to help promote the workout routine. Martha also has 3 classes a week in her home town of Center, TX. It is a small town in west Texas about a five hour drive from Austin.

More to this story to come....

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