Saturday, November 8, 2008

Quads Again?

I'm home again from another successful night of poker. It was a fun night. I never got down to much and hit some hands when I needed to. I bought in for $200 and cashed out for $550. My stack high was $600 and I just couldn't break thru it so I quit after 8.5hrs of play.

I hit a nut flush on a river to suck out on someone with 2 pair and got up to $300. My big hand was pocket nines. I pre-flop raised $12 and got 4 callers. The flop was 998. I could hardly believe it. I flopped quads again! The odds of flopping quads with a pocket pair is 1 in 407, a very rare event which i have done a few times. I checked the flop and a loose guy bet $2. After 2 callers I re-raised to $5. Everyone called. The turn was a 10. Everyone checked around. The river was a 7 and now 3 spades for a potential flush. A really lose guy bets $20. I re-raise to $60. Another guy behind me calls and the initial raiser calls. He says my flush is good. I say, "no but I have the nuts". They say, "you got a boat" and I show my quads and take down a pot over $250. Someone says, "you meant you had the nuts, nuts..." I guess no one ever excepts someone to hit quads. But if you play with me, you will know that I hit quads once a month. I just hit quad queens a few weeks ago, so I am running strong and haven't loss on a Friday night in 2 months..

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