Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Day at Batu Ferringhi

I spent the day at Batu Ferringhi Beach. It is on the north side of Penang Island and considered one of the best beaches on the Island. While my Evergreen Hotel is also on the coast, the water and sand looks pretty polluted by city run-off. So I was please to see the clean golden sand at Batu Ferringhi. The water still looked muddy, but seem clean enough for me.  

It was a Sunday afternoon and hardly anyone was on the beach. I started the day parasailing for the first time. Then had some lunch. The water was to choppy for a few hours so I just relaxed and worked on my tan. I got a foot massage then did some jet skiing and tried para sailing one more time before.

In case you are wondering, the cost was dirt cheap by American standards:  

- Parasailing was 70 Ringgits  ~ $22.75USD 
- Jet Skinging was 60 Ringgits  ~ $17.85USD
- Foot Massage 30 Ringgits  ~$8.90USD
- Taxi back to hotel 30 Ringgits  ~ $8.90USD
- Lunch   17.50 Ringgits  ~ $5.20USD

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