Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cheap DVR Alternative

I got rid of AT&T U-verse this month.  It was just to expensive.  I went back to Time Warner Cable, month to month, until I decide what to go with next.  I really miss my DVR, since I like to skip past commercials.  So I was looking at cheap alternatives and I found one.

You can use Windows Media Center to record any TV shows.  You just need a computer with Media Center installed like Windows 7 and a Cable tuner like the Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-950Q

Then you can watch TV on your computer, Schedule recordings and playback recordings.  To playback on your TV you can connect your PC to your TV or use Xbox360 to "Extend" your PC to your TV.  I also have a Google TV, the Logitech Revue that can display the recorded videos to my PC.

In addition, you can display your recorded shows on any web browser or mobile device by installing a Remote Potato Server. After configuring my home router to port forward the port and setting up dynamic DNS, I was able to view my PC media Center shows on any computer on the Internet!


Mike Martin said...

Keep an eye for this service. I am waiting for it to hit Detroit. https://aereo.com/

Anthony said...

Yes, I have heard of that too. It is coming to Austin also, should be cool.