Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2014 Trading Update

It has been a hell of a year to start my trading for 2014.  After incurring a net lost in January, I'm off to the races and have surpassed last year's gains at this time.  What is even better, is that I have been able to keep my accounts at all time highs.  Which means that I have been beating the markets, which is not easy to do.  Most professional money managers never beat the averages, but this year might be my year to do just that.

I am averaging $7,735/month and a win rate of 81%.    While my win rate is slightly lower than last year, my average per month is significantly better so far.  They say in trading even the worst stock picker can be a successful trader if they employ risk management and minimize losses.  So that is my goal this year. My goal this year is to minimize my losses and just be consistent.  My target profit is anything six figures.  If I could have contained my huge losses last year, it would have been an amazing year.  I had a few trades really blow up on me and that costed me dearly.  If I can manage to fix that, I should be well on my way.

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