Sunday, September 21, 2014

KVUE News Showing Dash Cam In Action

I put my new Action camera to action on Friday night after APD and the City Transportation department cited me for not having a Chauffeurs permit or operating authority.  Below is a News story that KVUE did at 6PM and 11PM.  Also links to the entire bust is shown below.

KVUE at 11PM

Interesting Snippet.  While taking the undercover agents I see a car going the wrong way down Gaudaulpe St.

All the dash cam videos

Part 1 –  Drive with undercover City Workers

Part 2 - Being pulled over by the City and Police

Part 3 – Walk around the car while City writes citation

Part 4 – Tow Truck Pick up

Part 5 - Tow Truck Leaving Hooters

Part 6 – Pickup up a Southside

Part 7 - Getting my car back

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