Saturday, November 22, 2014

Personal Weather Station: My New Toy

I recently purchased a Personal Weather Station from Costco for $80.  It is made by AcuRite,  Model 02032C.  It is a Five-In-One sensor that normally sells for $150.  Costco seems to have the best price that I could find on the same model, but it is not listed on Costco's online site, I just happen to see it at my local Austin store.   You can get it on Amazon for about $115, including shipping.  The sensor includes inside and outside temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, clock and calendar.  It also has a ticker on the bottom that gives various weather statistics.  The display unit connects to your PC to download data to the company's website and to Weather Underground.

The data is wirelessly sent from the outside station to a desktop display screen inside your house.  The weather data can be downloaded to your computer via CSV file and uploaded the there website at AcuLink.  The site also has connectivity to Weather Underground, the largest network of personal weather stations.  Weather Underground currently has over 37,000 weather stations, setup by other people, mostly in the back yards.  You can view all the stations in your area here.  My personal station link is here.  Weather Underground also display personal web cameras to show pictures.  You can see that here.

Here is my weather stations current real-time readings:

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