Sunday, December 14, 2008

South Austin Players Meets The Silent Assassin From North Austin.

I flew back to Austin on Saturday. The weather was in the 70s and I was glad to leave the cold behind in Michigan. I got in around 4pm and went home to unpack and rest a bit. I decided to play some poker at a new place in South Austin. The place is hosted by the same guys where I had been playing on Friday night. I haven't had to play in their Saturday for some time since I kept hitting my weekly goals on Friday night. But, now I have a loss and break even session behind me, I can get back to winning some cash!

Saturday night did not disappoint me. It was my biggest winning session in over one year. I cashed out for an even $800. I started with $200 and hit an Ace for the button bonus for another $20 in free cash. I haven't made over $600 in one night since my birthday 1.5 years ago. That night I made over $840 in a $2/$5 game in Motor City Casino.

I built my stack up fast! The second hand of the night I have pocket Aces under-the-gun. I raise to $20. One girl calls and everyone else folds. I put her on a big pair, Jacks or Queens. I have never played with most of these people so I have to go with my gut, girls generally play pretty tight and wont call a $20 raise with anything, but a big pair. The flop is all rags, nine high. I bet out $35. The girl calls! Now, I know she has an over pair. The turn is another rag, a 6. I bet $40. The girls announces that it will be a short night for her and calls again. The river is a 10 and I decided to check. She also checks and I show my Aces and she folds.. I see paint under her cards and pretty sure she had Jacks or Queens.. Now, I am up to $300.
The very next hand I have pocket Queens in the Big Blind! A maniac raises it to $12. I have never played with this guy, but the very first hand he raised it to $12 so I profile him as a maniac raiser that likes to play many hands. The girl that I just took down for $100 also calls. I decided to raise to $47, all day. The maniac calls and the girl folds. The flop is 683. I bet out $50. The maniac calls! The turn is a King. So I check. The maniac checks. The river is a 9 of clubs and now there is a possibility of a flush. So I check. The maniac bets $100.  I have decision to make. A king beats me, but he checked it. A flush beats me, but do I believe him, he is a maniac and probably likes to push on weakness? I have to go with my instincts, I decided to call! He says, "six". I think pocket sixes for a set.. No, he just one pair of sixes. I show my pocket Queens and take down the $370 pot. Now, I am up to over $500! A girl says, "Wow, pocket Aces then pocket Queens.." Sometimes you never know when your hands come. They can come early, they can come late.
Shortly later, my final big hand of the night. Zane, a guy that I played with before and who likes to straddle allot raises to $15. I am directly to his left and I have AQ, I decide to call. Everyone else folds. The flop is A7Q, I just hit 2 pair. Zane checks and I bet out $25. Zane smooth calls me. The turn is another Queen! I just boated up. Zane now bets $50. I think for a moment, does he have pocket Aces? I decide to just call. The river is a rag. Zane now bets $75. I think of a moment and decide that he cant have pocket Aces. I have Queens full so the odds are pretty small, he probably has AK. So I decide to re-raise him to $150. He thinks really hard and actually shows me his hand. He says, "I have a good hand.." and shows me.. He did have AK... and decides that he is pot committed and has to call! I show my Queens full and take down the $480 pot! Now, I my stack is over $700 and I am the chip stack leader.
I continue to just play solid poker and build my stack up to over $800. I eventually come back down losing a few dollars and cash out for exactly $800.
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