Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Year in Review

Here are some stats and charts for my 2008 year in review:

Here is a chart by month. I managed to have just two minor losing month in May and July, the rest were profitable. My monthly average is $692/month. It was a profitable year compared to 2007 where I lost $1429.44 My average in 2007 was a loss of -$120/month, so this year was pivotal as a poker player beginning to make more money then lose more money.

Here is a Cumulative Chart with each session mapped out. In total, I played 108 sessions in 2008.   That is about 1 in 3.3 days playing poker or about 29.5% of the days in 2008 playing the game. My average winning per session is about $76.94 per session. As you can see I don't win all the time, but it was a steady rise after a bad start to the year. I ended at my 12 month high of $8309.

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