Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Place, and The Case Ace...

There is a new Poker place in Austin, actually Round Rock and I gave it a try. It was the 2nd day and I haven't seen good cards in a while. I felt like it was my time to start seeing Aces and Kings again.
Pocket Aces and The Case Ace: My feeling was right. My first big had was pocket Kings, but everyone folded to my pre-flop raise. Then I have pocket Aces in the small blind. There is a $1o straddle and the button raises to $40. I re-raise to $100. The button just calls. The flop is an Ace with all clubs. I check, feeling he is aggressive and will push with a big Ace. He does indeed push all-in for my remaining $100. I call with my set of Aces. He shows me AQ with a Queen of Clubs.. A forth club does not hit and I double up to $400.  It was the case Ace that paid me off..

Pocket Kings again: Later in the night I get Kings again in early position. I raise $16. A really tight girl pushes all in for around $35. The host Dominic pushes all-in for $79. He is a loose player and so I call. He shows me an Ace and he said he had AK. The girl just had suited cards. Everyone misses the board and I take down another big $200 pot.

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