Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Confidence Building Back

It's been a wild month for me.  After starting out average, I decided to visit an old friend who got a new place for playing Poker.  I had a bad run of cards and when I started getting cards, people were cracking me with junk 2-pair hands.   Before I new it I had lost my entire month's winnings and then some.  I went on a Friday night heater hitting set after sets, getting my stack up to almost $1K, then proceeded to donkie it off in more suck outs and bad calls.  While I ended the night a winner, I still lost more then $600 from the top and felt terrible.  I should have just quit after making $700.  The next night was another losing sessions after a flush draw chaser cracked my AQ hand on a draw.  I had to commit my entire stack since I was ahead and he hit his flush and straight.

But last night I had my return.  The night started out with Hold'em and I was getting cards and callers.  I didn't make much money since most of the players knew when to fold.  I had KKs vs JJs.  Aces vs KQ and Kings again.  Everyone folded on the flop and I made about $50.  Everyone was playing pretty solid and unless a donkie showed up I didn't feel like I was going to make much this night.  

The table decided to switch to Omaha.  Now, the action was heating up.  I went on an Omaha heater run and quickly went from $240 to over $700.  It's hard to remember any pivotal hands, since I played so many hands with Omaha.  But it seem like I couldn't lose for the longest time.  Here are some memorable moments.

  • Set over Set:  Stan raises it $10 and 4 callers including my self.  I have pocket sixes in the hole and 2 other big cards.  The flop is 2 6 10.  I just flopped middle set.  I bet the pot and Stan re-raises me the pot.  I am thinking that this guy knows how I play, would he do this without having top set?  I smooth call him.  The turn is a blank and I check.  Stan bets the pot again, basically putting me all in.  I call.  The river is another blank.  Stan shows bottom set of 222s and a flush draw that misses.  I more then doubled up to over $450.
  • Full House over Nut Flush:  It's an unraised pot with 5 limpers at $2 each.  I have pocket fives.  The flop is 5 9 7 all clubs.  I just flopped bottom set, but scared of the flush so I check under the gun.  The button bets $10 and Jessica calls and I call.  I figure they must have a flush, but its cheap for me to draw to my boat.  The turn is a blank and I check.  The button bets $25 and Jessica calls and so I call.  Not, sure what is going on I pray for the board to pair.  The river is a nine and just what I needed, but I have bottom boat, Fives full of 99s so I check.  The button checks and Jessica thinks for a while and checks.  Showdown...  Jessica says she has the Ace high nut flush.  I am surprised and say I have the boat.  Lesson here is if you flop the nuts, you better bet it...  I understand her thinking here.  She new that since I was in the pot that I must have a set.  She wanted to minimize her losses and knowing that I probably would not fold a set.   It is a cautious play that I would not advise.  As the saying goes, "scared money never makes money..."
  • Set over 2-pair:  A new guy raises to $10 and I see him as a maniac player.  I never played with him before but I seen him make some moves.  I have pocket 88s with and an Ace.  The flop is A 8 5.  I just flopped middle set and top 2 pair.  I pot it and he calls and Jessica calls.  The turn is a 10 and I pot it again.  He re-pots me and puts himself all-in.  Jessica folds and I call.  He says he has top 2 pair but never shows as he sees my set of Eights.  Jessica said she had also had A8 and flopped top 2 pair.  She made a really good fold.  Lesson here is that in Omaha 2-pair is nothing.  Don't bet unless you have the nuts or a set or better.  It's that simple...
  • Boat over Boat:  Now I am playing every hand.  I keep getting good cards and double suited.  On this flop it is 477.  I have Ace 7 5 K and I see the maniac player pot it at $30. I call him.  This is a dangerous situation because you have to assume the guy betting has a full house already.  The turn is a 6 and I check.  He bets $60 and I call.  The river is a 5.  I just filled up, but check it to him starring him down.. He decided to check.  He shows pocket 44s.  He flopped a the bottom boat.   I rivered a bigger boat and take down the ~$200 pot.
  • Nut Straight over Lower Straight:  All I can say is good fold Jessica..
  • The Nut Low:  We played a round of High-Low 8 or lower.  I flopped the wheel with 34 and a board of A25.  The only other player folded to my bet after I said I floped the nuts.  I was having fun and didnt really care since I was up over $700 now...

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