Monday, November 23, 2009

The Laws of Probability Finally Kick In

It's been a tough November for me.  After a record October and six winning sessions in a row, I went on a bad run.  I had 3 losing sessions in a row, for a total loss of $800.  I wasn't playing badly, but had plenty of bad beats and suck outs, when I was way ahead pre-flop.  I think my biggest mistake was not folding when I was knew I was beat.  Folding is the hardest part of the game, especially when there is nothing obvious to be afraid of on the board.

Anyways, it finally broke on Saturday night when I finally started hitting my sets and taking it down!  I did have to fold Aces once after my continuation bet was re-raised $100 by Mr. Cho.  The board was 7J10 and Mr. Cho said he flopped the nuts.  

I had two red Aces again that night and some new guy flopped top set of Queens on me.  Same thing, he came over the top of my continuation bet 3x, but this time I was stubborn and refused to fold my Aces.  Luckily for me the turn was a King of hearts and that slowed him down.  He said he had put me on Kings or Aces.  The turn was a King of heart and he checked, the river was another heart and so I had the nuts.  It was a suck out, but the best hand did win...

At the end of the night I was up over $700.  I cashed out exactly $700 after using up my white chips on some speculative hands.  I had a net profit of $500 for the night and $300 for the weekend.  I will take that win and hopefully the laws of statistics finally start coming around.  I cant lose in the long run since I only play the best hands.  I'm like a Casino, I get my money eventually.. LOL...

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