Saturday, November 7, 2009

Giving Some Back.

Well, I managed to lose my stack last night. I should have known that I couldn't win, when the only hands that I won with were rags and all my premium hands didn't hold up. I had 6 straight winning sessions, so it was not to unexpected for me to lose. That is how poker is sometimes. Some days you just cant win.

I started out fast building my stack up quickly. I had my roommates Jonathan and Rachel playing at another table last night too. I overheard them talking about King-6 and how it was someone's favorite hand. Well, I'm in the big blind and what do you know I have King 6. Well the flop was K108. The turn was a 6 and river a 6, I just boated. Nicole was in the hand with me and paid me off. Now I am up about $70.

Black Aces Cracked: Not five minutes later and I look down at two black Aces. I'm in middle position and raise $20. A Latino guy calls and Nicole calls. The flop is 8810, both of the callers check to me and I bet $50. Both callers now call again. The turn is a Jack. Both players check again, so I think for a moment and check. The river is another Jack and the Latino goes all in for around $90. Nicole folds and I think for a minute. What the heck does this guy have? I know he is a tight player. So I fold my Aces. He shows quad 8888s and asked me if I had Queens, I flip over my Aces! I'm happy I loss the minimum (which was $70 my winnings with K6..), but that was a sick hand!

20 minutes later I get a small blind special, 10-4 suited. It was a limped pot and I turned the flush. One guy had top set and Nicole hit a straight on the river to pay me off. That made my stack back up to around $270 again.

The Bad laid down, but right move: Blair comes to play at our table and she has around $100. He plays pretty tight so I try to respect her bets. Well she is in early position and goes all-in for $100. Mr. Cho thinks for a while and calls. I look down at pocket Jacks, think for a while and fold em. Everyone else folds. I figure I could only beat pocket 10s and with Mr. Cho in there with maybe a big Ace, I cant beat 2 hands. Well, Blair had pocket 10s and Mr. Cho also had Jacks! Blair hit her set on the flop and takes down the entire pot. I guess I made the right move in the long run, but it was sick. I should have known at this time my good hands just weren't going to hold up.

Small blind special bust : So I have 56 in the small blind and everyone limps in. The flop is 347, rainbow, I just flopped the nuts! I bet $8 into the $8 pot. I get 2 callers. The turn is a 5 and I bet $20 to see where Im at. Ed calls and a new guy re-raises to $60. I call $40 more. The river is a King and I check and Ed checks. The guy bets $100. I hope he only has a 6 for a chop and I call. He says, "the nuts..," shows 68 and I lose about $170. The moral to the story is to protect your hand dont let those gut shots, draw out on you, even if you happen to flop the nuts!

I am down to around $70 and add-on for $100. I get pocket Jacks again and raise to $20. Nicole calls and the flop is 689. I bet out $35 and she calls. The turn is an 8, Nicole checks and I bet $50. The river is an Ace and also makes the flush. Nicole pushes me all-in and I fold. She shows 78, she hit trip 888s on me.

Busting out: I have only $47 left. I look down at pocket 88s and call a $7 raise. Someone bumps to $40 and we get 4 callers, so I call. The flop is 457 and Nicole bets out $50. I call with my over pair and remaining $7. Nicole shows 57 and I go home a loser for the night....

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