Saturday, June 26, 2010

Best Session of the Year

Its been a rough Poker year for me. Lots of bad beats and suck outs early in the year. I kept to my game and feel like Im finally back now. I have 3 winning months in a row, but still a little down for the year. I dont know where the year really went, but hopefully the second half of the year will be back to more normal games.

I felt I couldnt lose early on. My first hand in the big blind I had 83 and flopped a boat with a flop of 338. No real action, but its nice to get lucky sometime. I started noticing people playing any 3. Doty called a big raise with 3♣4♣ and rivered 2 pair to crack pocket kings!

I started playing on the second table and took down four people's entire stack. My first victim was a loose Asian guy. I have A♣Q♣ and spike an Ace on the flop. He calls me down to the river and never shows. I figured he had Ace rag. Then my very next hand I have pocket 1010♠. The same guy pushes over the top of my raise and shows A5. I take all his chips!

I felt another guy with A♠K♠. Everyone limps around and I have A♠K♠ in the small blind. The flop comes Q♠83♠. One guy bets $10 and another re-raises to $25. I smooth call with my nut flush draw. The turn is a 10 and he bets another $31. I call again. The river is a J making my nut straight. I push him all in for his remaining $40. He shows top set of QQ♣s! I dodged a bullet there! Sometimes its better to be lucky then good.

A few minutes later I have pocket AA♣ under the gun. Doty calls and another guy pushes all-in. I call and Doty calls. The guy shows AK♠ and Doty never shows. I spike my set on the flop! and take both their stacks!

I move to the main table and get pocket K♣K, A♦A and Q♣Q♠. They all hold up each time. It's nice when the odds work out in your favor. Its just a matter to time before it catches up with me. I am up over $400 in about 5 hours. That is $80/hr and better then average. I decide to leave a little after midnight.

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