Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hijack Virus

Got a call from my sister and her Vista PC was Hijacked. Basically whenever she visited a website or tried to run a program it would pop-up a messages telling her that her computer was infected and she needed to visit a website to fix it.

Whenever she tried to run any programs it would pop-up the message. Whenever she tried to visit it website, it would go no where. Basically her laptop was useless.

So I managed to fix it by following these steps:

- Reboot the computer into safe mode - by pressing F8 upon start-up
- Run MSCONFIG and disable the nefarious program. It was called fxxxxx.exe
- Restart the computer in normal mode Safe mode
- Delete the program .EXE from the hard-drive
- Edit the host file and remove the extra line of code redirecting her browser to nowhere land.

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