Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Toy!

I was checking out Martha's Zune one day, when I noticed that it had an FM radio built in. I was looking for a portable FM radio, so I could listen to the TVs where I work out. The fitness center broadcast the TV sound onto an FM radio station. None of the iPods have an FM tuner and while a few of the other off brand mp3 players do. So, I casually mentioned this to her that I might buy a Zune and we could share music too.

Well, it was Christmas time and guess what, my girlfriend got me a Zune 120! It has 120GB of storage, more then my first 2 computers combined! It's a mp3 player like the iPod, but it's made my Microsoft with many more features. It is not as widely used as the Apple iPods, but works pretty much the same with some added features that the iPod does not have like a FM radio, the ability to share music with other Zune users and wireless sync capabilities. For a complete comparison report check out The site also has plenty to tips for new users.

The Zune comes with little ear buds for listening. I decided that wanted to also get some real speakers to listen to the Zune with. Well, if you goto an electronics store you will notice that most of the accessories for the mp3 players are for the Apple iPod. There must have been 30 different types of speaker docking stations for the iPod compared to two for the Zune. Apple has done a really good job taking market share in the mp3 player space.

I decided on the M604, by Altec Lansing. The list price was around $199. It seems like allot for some speakers, but it integrates with the Zune and also acts as a charger. I decided to look it up on Craigs List. I have had allot of good luck with finding anything I want there. Sure enough one guy was selling it for $110. I found it on another site for $50. The guy actually came to my office to let me test drive it. It worked great and sounded great! We settled at $65 cash.
Gracis, Vero! You are the best!

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Anthony said...

Here is a hack to use the Zune as a hard drive. Pretty cool!