Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back in Michigan

Been back to Michigan for work for the last couple of weeks... Visiting my old Poker places. It started out slow, but didn't lose any money yet. In my first session, I hit a set of 777s to a guys KQ. The flop was K73. The turn was a Queen and all the chips went in. The river was another Queen.. Ouchhh.. I made my stack back and managed to win $40 for the night.. Since then it was solid poker and now I am up over $850 for the month.

I played some Omaha at Shark's Club and hit another set of 777s. This time they held up and 2 people called my all-in of $150 on the flop... That put me over the top for the night and I never looked back.. I also hit a straight flush that night with 74 suited in hearts. It was only my second straight flush since hitting a Royal Flush a while back.

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