Sunday, December 6, 2009

Biggest One Day Session All Year!

Friday night was my biggest night at Poker all year! I cashed out $900 even and netted $700. I looked back and I haven't made that much in one night, all year long! The amazing part is that I'm not to sure how it all happen. I did log all the big hands on twitter, but looking back it's hard to remember the big pots! I will check my logs now and try to recall the exact amounts.

The night started out slow for me and I didn't win a hand for 2.5hrs. I remember getting my stack down to around $120. I had lots of small pocket pairs early on and could not play most of them to a big raise. I finally got 2 black Aces and doubled up thru Nicole after 3.5hrs of play. At 4.5 hrs into the session I double up again playing A8 and hitting 2 pair. I only had about $220 in front of me, so basically I got back my blinds and then some...

After 5hrs of waiting, I finally hit my first set of 444s. It was a 7-way pot and the flop was 42K. A new guy bets out $35 and Nicole calls. I re-raise to $100 and both call. The turn is a 7 and they both check to me and I push all in for about $120. The new guy calls and Nicole folds. He shows AK and I take down the $540 pot! The guy said that he would have folded if I had more money. In other words, he was willing to give me $220 with top pair, top kicker... Thanks man, Ill take your money.

About 1:20hr later I get pocket kings and re-raise Nicole's $22 raise. She is now short stack and pushes in for another $75. She had 2♦ 4♦ suited and hits a flush! That knocks my stack down to around $380. Nicole proceeds to give my money away to everyone else at the table. As a side note, Nicole's stack was up over $1500 at one point, but it didn't last long as she literally plays every hand she is dealt and donated it away to everyone.

At 7hrs of play I hit a set of 999s and take down a modest pot of $50. Twenty minutes later I get pocket Kings again and felt Tiger. He had raised $15 and I re-raised him another $35. He calls and the flop is Jack high. Tiger bets $45 and I push him all-in for another $150. He calls and never shows. I assume he had AJ and take his stack. My stack is now at $600.

Ten minutes later I have A♥7♥. I call from the small blind and the flop is 6♥7♠8. Bobby bets out $12 and I call. The turn is a 5 of hearts and I bet out $25. Bobby re-raises be to $45. I smooth call looking for a straight flush. The river is a 2♦ and I decided to trap and check. Bobby bets $50 and and I realize I have a blocker to the straight flush, and push all-in. Bobby instant calls and shows a straight with 7♠4♠. My Ace high flush takes it down! Now my stack is around $750.

Twenty minutes later (8hrs into my session) I hit a set of 333s. A short stack slowed played and it costed him his entire stack. The flop was 723 and he said he had an over pair. Now I have around $850 in front of me. I play a bit more building my stack over $900 and decided to cash out when I got back to $900. I stuck to my plan and went home very happy with myself...

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