Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hit and Run Session

Had a quick session at the Mobile. Had not played there in six months. I had a bad session the night before. I built my stack to $600 and then donked it all off. I hit two pair with 89 suited and could let it go when I guy kept pushing with the nut straight with J10! The flop was 789...

My 2nd round in the big blind I look down at pocket Queens. The action before had one guy under the gun raise to $10. Another guy re-raise to $20. Mike calls and a 4th guy, maniac, calls the $20 and so I re-raise to $100. The guy under the gun folds, he said he had pocket 99s. The 2nd guy goes all-in for $113 with AK. Mike calls and a maniac calls suggesting pot odds. The pot is now over $400 with 3 all-ins. The flop was 9 high and I take it down. My re-raise pushed out the only hand that would have beat me... Now 3 guys have been busted out and my stack is up to over $500.

Shortly later two more people cash out and the game ends as we are 3 handed. I was kinda glad to take the money and run. Anytime you can win over $300 in less then one hour you better take it! I was on a bit of a heater hitting pocket 10s and Jacks, all with-in this first hour of play and they all held up.

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