Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another average Poker game night...

Just got home for another poker game. I made $155 in about 6 hours. Pretty good, considering I had no high pocket pairs during the entire session. The game started at 7pm with a free roll tournament. I basically got blinded out. I did hit pocket Aces in the small blind and doubled up, but was in no real contention for the tournament since it was late in the tourney.

The cash game started around 9pm and I hit a few hands early on and everyone just folded. I managed to stayed up all night long. It was a slow steady game for me, just how I like. I didn't get involved in to many large pots. Mostly just playing big cards and hitting. I did suck out once with KJ suited in hearts. The flop was A93 with 2 hearts. A guy bet $15 and then another guy went all in for $43. I was already up over $100 and hadn't hit a flush in a long time, so I decided to gamble and call. Luckily the heart hit on the river and I took down another pot. The all-in guy at A10.

This is the second time I have played at this location. The first time I cashed out $633, after buying in for $200. The game is $1/$2 with a $5 kill for pots over $100. I do like this level of game. There is another game where the blinds are $1/$2, but its always $5 to come-in. Basically its like someone straddling all the time. It's hard for me to consistently make money at that game, buying in for only $200. I think I will stick with the $1/$2 games. I feel that whatever the big blind is, or the come-in bet is you should start with 100x. You just can't play short stack poker at a cash game effectively in my opinion.

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