Saturday, August 16, 2008

Final Household Sale Results...

I put my house up for sale or lease after relocating to Austin, TX for a new job. I realized that Michigan is probably the worst Real Estate market in the country. Anyone that I know, that has tried to sell a house in Michigan has had to sit on it for years and typically if they are fortunate to sell it, it goes for less then they purchased for it. Michigan is automotive country and as the American auto industry struggles for survival so does the local economy. In fact, when I purchased the house 4 years ago, I got it for $39K below the original owners cost.

After about one month, my agents found someone interested in renting my Michigan house. The potential tenants intention is to buy it someday, but have some credit issues that they have to work thru first. They wanted to move in by Aug 15th 2008. So I had about 2 weeks to move everything out.

I decided to sell everything on Craig's list. Amazingly, it went really well. Here is a list of everything that sold... and the prices, as much as I can remember. I initially used my neighbor and friend to show the items and collect the money. I gave them my bank account and they deposited the money into my account. Last week, I flew down to have a "garage sale" to sell all the small stuff. I sold 95% of everything I wanted to. I posted the sale on Saturday night and had people lined up at the door at 10:50AM to be the first to check out the place.

If you haven't tried Craig's List, I highly recommend it for selling anything. It is free and very effective. The advantage over EBay is that you get cash right away and it is organized by location. You can meet the sellers and you don't have to worry about shipping and hoping to get your stuff. If this company every goes public, I would buy stock!!!

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