Sunday, August 24, 2008

Winning Streak is still alive

My Poker winning streak is still alive. I just made made another $143 (cashed out $343 after buying in for $200). I made most of it just winning lots of little pots and staying out of trouble. I did get some big hands early on. I had three pocket pairs in a row. Pocket 77s, AAs and 99s. I hit my set of 777s but no callers on my continuation bet. I seen a guy earlier hit quad 7777s on the flop earlier. I raised $7 on my pocket 77s (hoping for a 7) and the flop was K7Q. I bet $30 on the flop and everyone folded. I didn't get any action on my Aces since I raised it to $15. I am pretty happy with this weekends performance. I did get a little lucky, but you need to sometimes to get ahead in the game. As my saying goes about poker "You need to get lucky to make money, but you need to be good to keep it..."

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