Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Last day in my Michigan House

This is my last remaining hours in my Michigan House on the Golf Course. I have spent the last 3 days selling all my possessions and packing a few personal items and shipping them to Texas. I will have very little after today, except my car, allot of clothes and paper work. I even sold all 4 of my beds. I have been sleeping on the floor, ontop of an old feather bed. I do still "own" 3 houses in Michigan, but I dont live in any of them. The are all rented out, while I share a home in Texas. The picture to the right is the last remain items I need to sell. I was able to sell just about everything. Now just allot of odds and ends and tons of cables. You know you are a techie, when you have a house full of cables and cords. Do you need anything? Just drop me a note. Maybe the new owners will mail it for me.

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