Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cracked 3 ladies with a nut flush draw..

Another successful night. It was a long 12hr+ session. I didn't quit at my high point, but I did quit a winner at $110. My high was $250 up, but just couldn't quit... Ahhh, what is wrong with me.. I should know that whenever I get up over $200 I should quit.. Anyways, it was fun and I keep my winning streak alive. I had to risk my entire stack chasing a nut flush draw. It was against a lady. She raised it $17. She played tight and I put her on a big pair. I was in the big blind with AK suited in clubs. The flop is Q23 with 2 clubs. I check. One guy bets $15 and the lady re-riases to $60. I put her on a set of Queens. I have a draw and about $100 in front of me.. I haven't played in 2 hrs.. I have to hit to win, without pairing the board.. I don't usually make this kind of call, but wasn't hitting anything all night. So I call... This scares the previous better and he folds. The turn is a 7 of hearts. I check and the lady puts me all in. I only have about $35 left and am pot committed, so I call. She turns over a set of Queens and I show my nut draw. The river is a 10 of clubs! I take down a $300 pot! I feel bad for taking out her set. I know she is a solid player and would rather take chips from a weak player, but sometimes you gotta gamble... From then on I built it up another $150 before giving it all back. We played a little Omaha and I leave up $105..

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