Saturday, October 11, 2008

A short night hitting quad Queens again.

Back from a relatively short night of Poker at Sheldon's. I made $240 in about 3 hours. I played from 8pm to 11pm. I figured I was averaging $80/hour in a very steady climb up. I bluffed one big hand to make it a good night early so I decided to call it a night and get some needed rest. Pocket Queens was the hand of the night. I had them 3 times, along with pocket Kings once, Jacks twice and Aces one. That's a lucky streak to get those big hands within 3 hrs.

I hit Quad Queens in my first big hand. I look down, under the gun, "two ladies". I raise $15, haven't played a hand since they started for 25 minutes. The guy in the big blind calls and he ask if I want to run it out. I don't like to do that, but want to be friendly so agree. The flop is AQ3, I say I have a set, turn is a Queen, then I say, "now quads" the river doesn't matter. The guy shows pocket 88s. He probably wasn't calling any bet on the flop with 2 overs and an Ace on the board, so I won as much as I could... I hear another guy say "that guy is solid.." and another say, "wow, quad Queens.." I can tell my tight reputation is without question and I put it to good use later on. This is like my 4th time ever hitting Quad Queens. I guess I am lucky with the ladies...

A short time later I get pocket Queens again in the Big Blind. The button raises it $17. The small blind calls. I re-raise to $57 all day. The original raiser calls, the small blind calls. The flop is A23. I think, dam an Ace. I have to bet to win. I pause for a second and think I have to bet if I am going to win. So I bet $50 into a $171 pot. The big blind folds reluctantly and the small blind thinks really hard and folds. The button guys says, "tell me that AJ is no good.." and the small blind said he had a mid pair. He thought I had pocket Aces and my $50 bet was just begging to be called. He knew I was tight and called me the "tightest Asian player in Austin".. Did my bluff work? or did he just have a mid pair also? I guess being the tightest player at the table helps make people fold to you. I was glad to take it down without a fight.

My last big hand: Same exact setup as before... The button raises $17. The small blind calls. I am in the big blind and see two ladies again. I raise another $40 to make it $57 all day. There was one limper already in the pot. He goes all in for around $35. The button guys says, "we have been here before.." I say, "Yes, we have and you should have folded before, will you make the right decision?" He finally folds.. The small blind is upset, he wanted "pot odds" to call. He takes his time and finally folds, showing pocket nines. I roll over my ladies and hit my set on the turn. The guy that went all in never shows his hand, but I assume he had a small pair. He is one of the looses players at the table and I have taken him down many times before.

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