Sunday, October 12, 2008

I made $5, better then losing..

I played last night for 8 hrs. My total profits? $5.. A minor success since I was never up more then $50 and got down to around $90. I did hit a set of 33s early on and a set of 22s, but didn't get paid off. If I would have called a $12 raise with 22s I would have hit another set. The flop was A23 and the guy that raised had Ace something. Normally I would call, but just wasn't feeling it in the small blind. I had Aces once in the big blind and the button re-raised to $60. I went all in with around $85. Another guy called and the button guy called, he had pocket Kings, but my Aces held up. I doubled up with pocket Queens when a loose guy went all in on a rag flop. He had pocket 10s. Not sure why I couldn't build my stack, since the table was very loose. I guess it was just one of those nights. I did lose $75 in one hand when I had pocket Queens and an Ace hit the flop. I bet $50 on the flop and had a caller. I checked the turn and he bet $100 on the river. Sometimes you just gotta fold those big pairs..