Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another huge night at the Palace!

I just return back to my hotel after another huge night at Palace Poker, in Flint Michigan.  I turn a set of Aces while another guy had 2 pair and a third guy had a pair and a flush draw.   The pot was over $850 and both players had me covered.  I had about $275 in front of me at the time and more then tripled up!  I ended up cashing $872 for the night after a buy-in of $200.  It was one of my best night ever.  As I look back at my stats, I did well here exactly one year ago also!

It was nice that my Aces finally held up.  I did have Aces earlier in the night, but no one called.  I had to fold pocket Aces last Sunday after two tens flopped with 7 pre-flop callers.  The time before that, my Aces were cracked when a guy hit his set of Kings on the flop to crack my Aces.

In this hand I actually wasn't to far ahead on the flop.  The guy with J9 suited had top pair with a flush draw.  He had about a 47% chance of winning..  A virtual coin flip...  On the river, he did hit a nine to make two pair.  Normally this would be enough to beat most players, but luckily I hit my set to get paid off...

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