Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wild Ride of Round by Round

What a wild night of poker.  The night started out slow with only 4 players and the all the hosts playing.  Sheldon proceeded to chase his draws and doubled up a few players.  Since the action was slow the table agreed to play a round of Hold'em and a round of Omaha.  I was pretty card dead and had not played a hand in the first hour and was happy for a change of pace.

It did not take long before I was hitting my sets in Omaha.  Sheldon and Jason help double me up when they chased their draws and I hit middle set.  The board paired on the turn and they were drawing dead.  They seem to know what I had..  Maybe because when I push all in, I generally do have a set..  When the board paired, Jason made a comment, "their goes the main pot.."  Their straight draw or flush draw was no good...  Two hands later I hit another set of fours.  This time Sheldon folded...

I should have quit right there.  It was only 2hrs into the game and I was up over $400 in front of me and the chip stack leader.  I proceeded to quickly give all of it back.  Sheldon cracked my set of Aces in Omaha when he hit his open ender on the turn.  The board didn't pair and I had to pay his short stack off.  This got me back to $200 and I am not sure where it all went.  I finally busted out in Omaha when I chased a Queen high flush and hit, only to lose to an Ace high flush.

I decided to use the house credit for $200, this was the first time for me.  The game started getting more action players and I knew if I played long enough I would win it back and then some.  I was pretty card dead for a while, but was patient and the hands came.

Quad Jacks:  We were playing Omaha and I had pocket jacks and 2 rags.  There was a $10 pre-flop raised and I called with 5 other players.  The flop is 10 10 Q.  Everyone proceeds to check around, including myself.  The turn is a Jack!  I just boated.  The pre-flop raiser bets the pot and basically pushes himself all-in.  I push all-in and he calls for his remaining chips.  The River is another Jack and he shows Q10.  He flopped a boat, slowed played it and lost..  Lesson here is to never slow play in Omaha!

Aces vs Aces: My hand of the night was also in Omaha.  I have pocket Aces and a suited King with a rag.  I pot it pre-flop and get re-potted by another player.  A third player decides to push all his chips in for around $180.  I push all in for my remaining ~$200 and the guy that re-potted me calls.  The pot is around $640 all pre-flop!  The flop is 845 with 2 spades.  I have AK in spades.  I show my hand.  The turn and river are 2 Kings.  Everyone checks their hands and one guy mucks and the other guy who re-potted me is frustrated.  He also had pocket Aces, but no redraw..  The $640 pot is pushed to me...  One guy comments that he had pocket fives...  Good thing I raised.

Now, I am up over $400.  I can pay back my marker and take home a nice profit.  I played a few more rounds of Hold'em.  I started getting some cards, Jacks and Kings.  Most everyone folded on the flop to my continuation bet.  I left shortly after a 7 hour session for a profit of $233 for the night.  This month has truly been record setting.  The best month since last April and it marks 8 straight months of winning.

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