Sunday, March 1, 2009

I take down the Maniac and folding pocket Aces.

I am back from another nice session of Poker at my favorite place in Michigan. I cashed out $670 after buying in for $200. I was patience and took down a Maniac bar tender after waiting for 6hrs. I flopped a set of fours and rivered a boat. He turned top two pair and was behind all the way. Like most bad players, he cant fold 2 pair and paid me off after I over bet the river.  

What really amazes me is how most people can't fold 2-pair.  Most of my double ups is when someone hits 2-pair or top pair with top kicker and I have a set or better.  I think this is what makes me successful.  My standard for calling a big bet is bigger then most people.  Most people just play their hand and if it is top 2 pair, they are not folding, even if the board shows a potential straight, 3 of a kind and full-house.

Earlier in the session I had to fold pocket Aces.  It really wasn't a hard fold, but I am proud I was able to make it.  This is how the hand played out.  I am sitting in the small blind.  A straddle bet is on for $4 to play.  A couple callers, then another guy re-raises to $6 and then a third guy raises it to $8 which caps the betting.  At this place their is a max of 3 raises and the straddle bet counts as one raise.  After six callers it comes to me and I have Aces!  Normally, I would raise it big, but now I am trapped with already 3 raises in front of me.  I am forced to just call and everyone else calls.  There are 7 people in the hand...

The flop comes 10 10 4.  I am first to act and check my pocket Aces.  The straddler bets out $10,  a couple of folds and another guy re-raises to $20.  I figure one of them has a ten, but the pot is $86 and it only costs me $20 to see another card.  So I smooth call the $20.  The original better re-rasies to $50 and the other rasier pushes all in.  I am forced to fold and show my neighbor my pocket Aces.  The other guy calls.  The straddler had J 10 and the other guy had A 10.  The turn is a Jack and the straddler fills up and takes it down..  sick... The worst hand won...  To bad their wasnt an Ace on the turn or river.  That would have been evern sicker.. The "rounders hand"..

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