Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pushin into my nuts?

March is starting out very solid for Poker. I spend the first week of March at my home town in Flint, Michigan.. I played at my normal place and broke the $1000 mark in the first week. Last night, I was back in Austin and played at my normal Friday night game. I should have quit after an hour of playing. I was really tired and after a long day in Dallas for work.. I hit a set of nines and took out pocket kings and AQ after the flop was Q94. The pocket kings was all-in with only $45 left. The AQ guy called $45 and I pushed all-in $150. Surprisingly, the AQ guy folded to my re-raise, "Good lay down!..." This pushed my stack to a little over $300 and I was only 1 hour into the game. I proceeded to donk off most the the winnings I got down to $150. Then, I chased a nut flushed and hit on the river. A guy in front of me pushed all-in, into my nuts. I called and was back up over $300. I decided to quit a few minutes later for a net profit of $100 for the night.

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