Monday, June 22, 2009

Hit and Run

I played for an hour and 45 minutes on Friday night.  I made $210 or about $120 per hour.  Not to bad if I say so myself...  I wasn't going to play this weekend, I had someone coming over for the the weekend, but had a couple of hours to spare.  So I figured I would burn some time and play a little.  I only bought in for $150, thinking I didn't want to lose to much.  That turned out to be a mistake after my first big hand.  It was 10 minutes into the game and I have pocket 44s under the gun.  I limp in and the small blind, Zane, rasies to $12.  I call and everyone else folds.  The flop is A45.  Zane bets out $15.  I re-raise to $45.  The turn is a 9 and Zane checks.  I bet $50 and he check-raises me all-in for my remaining $46.  Zane says, "I guess you hit your set.."  The river is a Queen and he shows 2-pair.   German, sitting next to me, says yeah that's what I put you on... And they were right.. my set of 444s takes it down...  My stack goes to about $250.

A few hands later I get AQ and limp in.  The flop is A,10,A.  The big blind bets $6 and I re-raise to $15.  The turn is a 7 and he checks.  I bet $25 and he calls.  The river is a rag and he checks.  I bet another $25 and he calls again.  I show my big Ace and he never shows..  Another nice $125 pot for me.  My stack is now over $350 and I have only been playing for 1.5hrs.

A few minutes later I get pocket 10s on the button.  Ireland calls my $15 pre-flop bet and $30 flop bet.  The flop was Jack high.  I check to the river and he had nothing, just AK.

Unfortunately, I have to leave shortly after.  I never hit and run, as they say.  I am the one that stays for 12hrs at a time, but I had someone waiting.   It did feel good to make my goal for the weekend and go home a winner again.

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