Monday, June 1, 2009

New Game Downtown

I have been playing at the same place for a while now and have started losing a little.  Losing in Poker is really just part of the game. I wasn't playing bad, I just had some bad beats and people getting really lucky on me.  I know it should not last forever, but I figured I would try a new place. 

I did some searching and found this place in Downtown.  The game has only been running for a month and is run by Jason he owns a huge online poker tracking system of Poker players.  It is located in a really nice area, right by the water in Downtown.

You can search for other home poker games here:

The game started out slow for me.   It was a steady losing session.  I got down to $40 when I finally got pocket Aces.  Julia Park had raised in front of me $20, so I pushed all in for $40.  Julia had pocket 88s and my Aces held up.  Then 10 minutes later I get Aces again.  I raise to $15 and Julia calls saying, "I have my favorite hand.." and Jason calls.  The flop is Jack high.  I bet out $40 and the girl instant calls and Jason folds showing someone his hand.  The turn is a rag and I go all in for $21.  The girl calls.  She has "everyone's favorite hand" J10.  My aces hold up again.  Jason also had J10, good laid down...  Now I am doubled up again to $160... Played a little bit more and made a few dollars more before the game ended.  I only loss $37 for the 5 hr session.  I consider it a minor victory for getting nothing for hours..

As a side note, guess who shows up at this poker game... My Ex..  She is working for a new company.  It is a software company that rates online poker players.  She does tech support and her co-workers run this game.  Small world...

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