Thursday, June 11, 2009

Midweek Poker

I decided to venture out last night for a quick round of Poker.  This past weekend was not a good session.  I managed to lose $430.  I made one bad read and that wiped me out.  I had to get back in the game and get my confidence back.  

So I went to the Palms and they did not have enough players.  I had their famous chicken fried rice and headed out to the Mobile.  My first hand dealt was pocket fives.  I limped in and a guy next to me raises to $20 and 3 others people called.  I didn't hit a set and folded on the flop to the continuation bet.

A few hands later I have pocket 10,10♥.  The small blind raises it $30.  One other guy calls.  The flop is 6,9,10.  I just hit top set.  The small blind checks so I bet $65 and everyone folds..  Wow, I haven't hit a set in forever..  I had thought I forgot how..

Then I get pocket Aces under the gun.  I raise $20 and get 3 callers.  The flop is Jack high and the small blind bets $50.  I push all-in for around $150.  Everyone folds and I take it down.

A few hands later I get pocket Jacks.  One guy raises to $15.  I put him on a big Ace.  So I figure I would smooth call and hope no big cards hit.  Well, 3 people call after me and then a guy pushes all-in for $70.  The pre-flop raiser decided to call and I think a moment and also call.  This makes everyone else fold.  The flop is 347.   The pre-flop raiser checks so I push all in for $155.  He thinks for a while and calls!  The pot is now close to $700.  The turn is a 5 and river is a 6.  Their is a straight on the board!  The all-in guy had pocket 10s, the raiser had AQ and I had Jacks.  But we all split the pot!!! Sick hand...  That should have been all mine!

Then the hand of the night.  I am on the button with pocket 8,8s.  Under the gun guy raises to $10.  Five people call including me.  The flop is A, 8, 3.  The pre-flop raiser bets out $25.  I re-raise him to $100.  He pushes all in and I call.  The guy has A8.  My set takes it down and I double up to over $600.

All this happens, within two hours of play.  I consider this pretty lucky so I pay a few more hands and quit a winner..

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