Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Check Out This Sick Omaha Hand

I am playing Omaha tonight online and got really lucky. I cracked 3 sets with a straight on the turn. My online name is nguyen1972. All I can say as atleast the best starting hand won. I did have pocket Aces... As I usually do...lol.. I pot it pre-flop and push all-in on the flop. I was first to act and unknowingly both guys hit there set to pay me off.. Actually the one guy hit a set of 10s and Kings.. Sick.... Oh by the way, it is my birthday in 2 days.. maybe I am getting lucky because of that.. They say always play on your Birthday. Two years ago I hit a Royal Flush 2 days before my Birthday.. I guess I am lucky..

Here were my odds as the hand played out....

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