Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Palace Poker Robbed

This is my most favorite place to play poker in Flint, MI.  It was robbed last night and the guy was shot dead by a retired police man playing there.

(07/01/09) -- A shooting at a Burton poker room has left one person dead.

ABC12's Marc Jacobson says an unidentified gunman began shooting through the glass in the front of the Palace Poker Room in the 1100 block of Bristol Road at around 1 this morning.

A witness says the masked man, armed with a shotgun, shot out the front door of the building, walked in and fired at least one round into the ceiling.

The gunman told the 30-60 people inside to hit the floor.

More rounds were fired before a retired police officer, who was armed, shot and killed the gunman.

Police believe the gunman could be the same person who robbed the poker room last month.

No other injuries have been reported.

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