Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trip to California

I just got back from a 5 day trip to California. My cousin Peter was getting married to Jennifer. I decided to make it a mini vacation and check out the Poker scene. As it turns out the Los Angeles area has the largest poker rooms in the world. The Commerce Casino and Bicycle Club and the number one and two Poker rooms in the world. I would agree. If you want Poker action, then Los Angeles is the place to be. It even beats out Las Vegas, because there is less competition and more concentration of players.

The Commerce was amazing. I went there on a Thursday night after the Rehersal dinner and the place was packed. Over 100 tables playing all sorts of Poker games. I asked a regular there if it was always like this and he said yes. There is alwasy action at the Commerce. I wanted to play $1/$2. I was disappointed that the maximum buy in was only $40. It's hard to make a move with such a small stack, but they started a new table and everyone bought in for $40. I made a little head way hitting quad fives, but then lost it all after I flopped 2 pair in the small blind and someone under the gun flopped a straight.

I stayed in Bell Gardens at the Comfort Inn. It was directly across from the Bicycle Club casino. This is the number two poker room in the world and was told the best. They did not have a $1/$2 game, but a $2/$3 game and you can buy in for $300 max. All the food was comp and the action good.

I spent most of my time there. I started out strong, but quickly went away. I had my Aces cracked and just could not get anything going for the first few sessions. My last session I had my game back and managed a modest come back. For the entire trip I lost a little money, but was still up for the month. It was fun, just not to profitable.

Here are some random pics from the trip.

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