Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fast night, played 3 hands!

It was an early end to last night poker game. I started late after traveling 3.5hrs from Dallas. I got to the game a little after 9:00PM and waited about an hour to play. I only played 2 hands I got doubled up to over $250. People were busting out early and before 1AM the game ended. I netted $200 for the session. I will take it.

First hand was AK suited in spades. Some maniac raised $12. I smooth called. The flop is all rags, but 2 spades. He checks and I check behind him. The turn is a King. He bets $25 and I re raise to $50. He thinks then calls. The river is a blank. He checks and I bet $50. He folds and says "good hand.."
A few minutes later. I look down to see two red Aces. A guy before me raises to $20. This generally indicates a really big hand. I re-raise him to $70. Everyone else folds and he goes all-in for about $150. I have him covered with over $200 in front of me. I instant call. He knows he is beat. On the flop I hit my set of Aces and the turn and river are Jacks. I have the 2nd nuts, only pocket Jacks beat me. The guy never shows his hand, but he said he had Kings...

I almost double up and now have over $500 in front of me.

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