Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Friday night loss!

Wow, I finally loss money on my Friday night game.  Its been like 5 months since I have loss on a Friday night.  Its hard to believe, but I forgot what it felt like to lose.  I checked my records and yes, its been like 5 months (some losses on other days, but not Friday night..!)  Why? you make ask.. I loss because I deserved to lose.. I played junk and so I taught myself a lesson..  Don't play junk!  While most people could not have laid don't my hands, it still teaches me that I should not play these marginal hands.  I lost $300 and only have myself to blame.  Here is the bad beat story...

First bad beat:  I have Q10 suited in spades in late position.  I called $2.  The button raises to $7.  One other tight player calls, so I call.  The flop is AJJ. Tight player checks, I check and the button checks.  The turn is a King!  I just hit the nut straight.  The tight player bets $20.  I think, did he boat?  I just call $20.  The button also calls $20.  The river is a 5.  The tight player bets $20 again.  So I just call and the button guy re-raises to $70.  The tight player folds, he says he has AK.  Not my turn to decide...  Only a boat beats me... there is no flush possibility.  I have the 2nd but hand...  There is allot of big cards, its easy to have a boat with AA, AJ, KJ, KK, etc..  I call...  The button rolls over AJ!   

2nd bad beat: I am in the big blind.  I have 74 suited in diamonds. It's an unraised pot of 5 callers.  The flop is 68Q with 2 diamonds.  One guy bets $10.  I call and one other loose guy calls.  The turn is a 5.  I just hit my straight.  I bet $25.  One guy calls and the other guy re-raises me.  I go all-in for another $30.  The other guy is also all-in.  I show my straight to the 8 with a flush draw.  The guy that re-raises shows 79, a straight to the 9.  I need to hit my flush.  The river is a blank and I am busted out!


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