Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wow! Pocket Aces 3 times in less then 1 hour.

I sit down at my regular Friday night game and my very first hand, pocket Aces! I am the small blind and there is one limper. I raise to $13 and everyone folds. Less then 15 minutes later, I look down and pocket Aces again? I raise to $15 and everyone folds. Early on most players play very tight. Then maybe another 20 minutes later I see pocket Aces again! I can hardly believe it. So I raise $13 and get one caller. The flop is a few rags and my continuation bet makes the one caller fold. I think my total winnings with my three pocket rockets was like $25.. I'm not complaining, any win is better then losing.. I think I am now the white chip leader.

Shortly later I get AK, I raise to $7 since I am tired of to getting no action. The flop is KQ7. I bet $20 and get one caller. The turn is an Ace. I bet another $20 and now the caller re raises me $50. Damn, I got top 2 pair, did this guy hit his straight? I call. The river is nothing and I check. He bets another $50 and I am hoping he has the same hand as me and I call. He shows me the nuts, J10...
Now my stack is under $80. I continue to play tight. I hit a nut flush and build my stack to $130. Then I get pocket Queens and one guy raises to $10. I re-raise to $35. I get 2 callers. The flop is AQ10. One guy bets out $75. I go all-in, he calls.. He has AJ. The turn is a Jack and the river is nothing.. My set holds up and now my stack is over $300...
For the second time in 2 weeks, the game breaks before 1AM. Everyone keeps busting out early and they start playing Ohama. I didn't feel my luck improving so I decided to keep what I made and left a winner!

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