Friday, January 2, 2009

Solid Start To The New Year!

I posted a solid start to the New Year! I went back to my normal Friday night place after taking all of December off. Between work, Vacation, the holidays and the girl I haven't been able to play all month there. It kinda felt strange going back. I had to check my records and while I did play allot of Poker in December, I did not play at my normal place, all month. I cashed out for exactly $500, net $300.

During my last game of 2008 I actually posted a loss of $100. Nothing was really happening that night, I did have pocket Kings four times and Aces once, but no one had a second best hand to pay me off. Sometimes Poker works like this. So last night, I had high expectations to my game. Usually when I go on a cold run, my next game runs well. My mind set is its time to start hitting some sets. I haven't hit a set in ages... Well, they were hitting last night.

My first hand was pocket Queens. I raise $15 and Jason and Eagle Eye call. The flop is AQ10. I bet $35 and Jason raises to $100. Jason is an aggressive player, (and helps runs the game) I put him on AK. I go all-in for another $20 and he calls. Jason did have AK and I double up. Now my stack is up a little over $300. Not sure what happens next, but for the next few hours I donk off about $120. I did try to bluff a few times and it didn't work. The moral to the story, bluffing doesn't work for me..

Then the sets just started hitting. Shortly after I hit a set of 444s, then a set of 10s, then another set of Queens. The table started playing round by round and I hit a set of Kings. Eagle Eye called me down with bottom set of sevens. It was a set over set hand! The board paired and we both boated. That hand made my night!

As I think about it, I don't think I ever hit with AK or AQ all night. Yet my pocket pairs were hitting? The odds of hitting a big Ace hand is like 35% on the flop (6 outs). The odds of a hitting a set with a pocket pair on the flop is like 10% (2 outs). I wondering why I am so lucky? Most people can play forever without hitting a set and they seem to hit me like magic. What is my secret? I will tell you, just play tight, only pocket pairs... See what happens...

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