Saturday, August 1, 2009

Crazy Month of Action - Sick Action Last Night

It was a sick night at the Retreat. At one point over $4K on the table playing $1/$2 game. The action was the looses I ever seen. One girl was on a major heating playing any 2 cards. She went all-in preflop with K7 and won with 2 pair. She was up over $1800 at one point. Eventually she lost it all and then some. I saw her give it all back in a few hands. One notable hand where she called $850 pre-flop with 45 suited.. Is that sick or what..? She really loosen up the table and made everyone call with shit and re-buy after re-buy after re-buy. Good job Eric, for cashing out over $1000. You did have to re-buy a few times, but at the end you made it all back and then some. That was a sick hand with you chasing the nut flush and having 5 people all-in on the flop!.

I really wasn't getting at hands early on. So I just mostly watched.. waiting for my moment. I started with my standard $200. My stack got down to $110 and added on another $100. The average chip stack was over $500 and I just couldn't compete with such huge chip stacks. People were calling everything. Eventually I hit my hand, which turned into a bad beat.

I had AJ suited in clubs. Sheldon pre-flop raises $7. There are like 5 callers. The flop is AJ3 with 2 hearts. I bet out $20, Sheldon calls and another guy pushes all-in for $120. I call and Sheldon calls. I put him on a flush draw. The turn is a 2, no heart. I push all in for my remaining $90. Sheldon calls. He had 62 of hearts and wants to deal. I say no. The river is no heart, but another 2. He hits trips and takes down the $550 pot! The other guy had AQ.

I borrow another $200 from the house. The action remains sick and intense. I finally hit pocket Aces under the gun. I haven't played in hours, but people have been playing crazy. I raise to $25. I get 3 callers. The flop is all rags 956. One guy bets out and another calls so I push all-in for about $150. One guy folds and the other calls. The turn is a King and the river an Ace. I hit my set. The guy said he had 2 pair. Wow.. I got lucky.. Now I just doubled my stack to $400.

Some how I continued to increase my stack to over $700. I don't remember to much since most hands never had a showdown. It was just solid poker and people folding to me. I have a few more sets. A set of 222s, 666s, and 10s I guess that is 4 sets in about 10 hours. An average night, but most of it all happen late in the session. So it was a grind... It could have been so much better, but I will take it...

Here is a graph of my last 12 months. I can now say that I have not had a losing month in 1 year!

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