Sunday, August 23, 2009

Down Big Then Back Up Big.

It was a roller coaster weekend for me. I loss $300 on Friday night. What's worst was it was a really loose and easy table, I could have capitalized but just wants getting any cards. I came back and made $320 on Saturday night, for a total profit of $20. I will settle for that after last weeks profit of $575. Sometimes you just cant win and if you can break even, you have to be happy with that. I tell myself, at least I didn't lose anything...

Friday night I didn't have a single pocket pair except 22s. I did have AK about 6 times and it hit like every time. The first time I had AK, Nicole was in the pot and she called my preflop raise of $15 and flop bet of $30, after an Ace hit the flop. I decided to small ball it and check it to the river, since I know she isn't folding to any bet with a draw. Unfortunately, she hit a one card straight with a 84 and I had to pay her river bet off of $66. The board was A5273, she called with a gut shot and hit! I should have known better, but made a loose call.

I decided to add on another $100 after the game was getting crazy action. I get AK again on the button. I raise to $15 and get 5 callers. The flop is K84, and everyone checks to Nicole and she bets $33. I push all-in for $85 and the Small blind smooth calls and Nicole calls. Everyone checks to the river. Unbelievably, the small blind has pocket Aces.. WTF? No re-raise and no betting? And this was a really aggressive player? I hate slow players, they just don't know how bad they really are... After that beat I left a loser.

I decided to try out the Saturday night crowd and redeem myself. The game only lasted 3.5hrs. It was crazy action and Nicole and Bill were back at it again. I hit a set of 777s early on against Sean. This time he made a good lay down after calling my flop re-raise to $100.

Most of my money came from Bill. I hit a Nut Flush on the turn and Bill hit a set of 555s on the turn. I bet my draw, $10 on the flop and Bill check raised my nuts. I bet $25 on he re-raised to $60. I pushed back all-in and doubled up. Luckily, the board didn't pair and the river was an Ace.

A bit later I have pocket Kings on the button. I raise to $20 and get 3 callers. The flop is JJ7. Bill comes out betting $35. He has been playing erratically, so I just smooth call. The other caller folds. The turn is a blank like a 4. Bill bets $60 and I call again. The river is another blank and Bill bets $75. He is kinda betting small and I wonder if he is trying to reel me in, but I have to go with my gut and call. Bill shows nothing 68 suited and I take the pot!

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