Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bad Week

Its been a bad week for me.. First, I didn't get paid last week. My company ran out of money. Poor cash flow planning.... The company also announced on Monday that we had a RIF, Reduction in Force. In other words, we had a lay off. Our newest employee had to be let go because our sales were not coming in.

The prior week I learned from my property management company that my tenant in my big house in Michigan gave their 30 days notice. They are leaving at the end of August. I guess the lady of the house lost her job and now they are moving closer to the man of the house's job. Now, I have 2 homes in Michigan that need a tenant or someone to buy me out. The people in my Flint house moved out over a month ago.

I did finally get paid on Wednesday, so it was just a short delay. In the past, the company had 2.5 months delay in pay and they eventually loss every employee except the founder. I should consider myself lucky. This is the risk you take in a small company. Luckily, my personal cash flow is pretty good, but I'm going to take a big hit with my houses being empty.

I decided to post my houses on Craig's List. I had really good luck selling all my things last year. I got a couple response on my big house immediately, I was shocked! Maybe I can get lucky in this economy. I will take what ever I can get. I just need to be freed from this debt.

On top of all this, my cell phone stop charging or syncing. The USB port got messed up. The plastic surrounding the leads got lodged into the cable. Sprint doesn't sell the Motorola Q anymore so I have to buy a used one and get it activated for my number.

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