Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Poker Action is Back

The Poker action is back. After a week off the game was back on! Since my $90 loss last week in Shreveport I was still operating on the cash that I won 2 weeks prior. I try not to dip into my bank account and live off only my winnings. I only had $150 in my new wallet, so bought in for less then my normal $200. No matter, it was up up and away for me. I was in the #1 seat as usual and Nicole was in #10. This is ideal for me, since I knew her luck would probably be done this time around and I should be able to capitalize. As plan, most of my money came from her and I ended up cashing out $725, 12 hours later.

Some advice, if there is a maniac at the table then always try to be on their left. You can hide behind their raises and re-raise with an advantage. If there is a tight player at the table, then you want to be on there right. You can easily steal a tight player's blinds, but I don't usually recommend it, because after a few tries, they might re-raise you and you better fold...

Here were my key hands:

Full House over Nut Flush: I had pocket 66s. Nicole raises $11 and I call and one other guy calls. The flop is 774, with 2 spades. Nicole bets $11 and I call her and one other guy calls. The turn is a Jack of spades. Everyone checks... The river is a 6 of spades! I just boated and there is 4 spades on the board. This new guy from Europe bets out $25. Nicole folds and I re-raise to $75. I never played with this guy and he doesn't know me. He ask how big my spade is, I say how big is your spade? He thinks really long and hard and finally says he can't get away from his hand and calls. I say, "No flush.." He shows the Ace of spade. and then Jessica the dealer says, "Full House..?" Jessica knows me well... What else would I have? (BTW, Nicole says she had pocket 55s, I was leading all the way...) My stack is now up to ~$250..

Aces up over lower Two Pair: I wasn't getting any cards to play, and was slowly losing most of my winnings. Finally I get my pocket Aces. There is a raise of $20 in front of me. It is Sean and I have played him many times. Actually, the last time we played I also had Aces he he doubled me up. Anyways, Sean is a really loose player so I re-raise him $60 thinking that he will probably call and I will be committing myself to the hand with about $100 left. As expected, everyone folds and Sean calls. The flop is QJ4 and he checks. I push all-in and he calls saying he has 2-pair. I say "Queen Jack" and he says yes. What a lucky mother! I think I'm drawing to 2 outs. But suddenly on the river is a 4, pairing the board! Everyone sighs and I, still in shock he flopped 2-pair, think I loss, until the pot is pushed to me. Now I just realized that I have a higher two pair Aces and fours! Wow... I actually had had 8 outs on the river..

Set over Aces up: Later in the evening I have pocket 44s. Everyone limps in and the flop is A4K rainbow. Nicole bets $11 and I re-raise her $25 more. Everyone folds and she calls. The turn is and Jack, Nicole checks and I bet $50. She calls. The river is a 8. She checks and I bet $60 again, slightly afraid of the straight, but since she check I figured my set is good. She surprises me and raises me $160. I call, just in case she has it and ask her "2 pair?" She says yes.. I say "No good," and show her my set. She never shows her hand..

The big lay down: I have pocket 10s and the table is playing really loose. So I raise to $20. Eric calls and Nicole calls. The flop is 894 with two clubs. I bet $40 and Eric re-raises to $80 saying he wants the flush draws out. Nicole folds and I call. The turn is the 2 of spades! I check the potential flush and Eric bets. I think for a moment and fold. Eric has to either have a flush or a set. He would never make a move like this to me. Eric shows me one red nine and later says he did flop top set... I lost $100, but felt good I made the right decision, but who knows for sure, maybe he bluffed me.

Up Against the Shaq: I have pocket Queens and raise it $20. Everyone folds and the Shaq calls. The flop is J83. The Shaq checks and I bet $40 and he calls. They turn is a 5 and he checks again so I bet $50 and the Shaq calls again. The river is a Queen and he checks and I bet $100. The Shaq calls and I say top set and he folds... Not sure what he had, but I figure he had at least a Jack...maybe thinking I had Ace King? Whatever and thank you sir..

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