Saturday, October 24, 2009

Along Comes the Good with the Bad.

It was another solid night of poker for me.  This time I finally hit some hands and hit some big pots.  Last week my biggest starting hand was pocket 99s.  This session I hit plenty of pocket pairs, but none of my big pairs made much money or held up, in the beginning.  I wasn't hitting any sets for 5 hours.  Then finally they came.  But along with the big hands, comes the bad beats....

My first set of 77 got me paid with a board of 107Q, the turn was another Queen and river a 3.  The other guy had AQ and just smooth called all my bets to the river, he was afraid that I had what I had and he was right.  To bad he just couldn't fold it..  

This put him on tilt and he wanted to make his money back from me.  I took another $200 from him when I had pocket QQ and he called me down to the river again.  It was a rag flop and he was on some kind of straight draw.  

Finally he cracked me when I hit a set of 99s.  The flop was 79J. Nicole bets $12 on the flop.  I re-raise to $25.  Mevlin and button guy smooth call.  The turn is 3.  Nicole goes all in for $53 so I just smooth call.  Melvin calls and the dealer pushes all-in for $211 more.  I put him on the straight, but have to call.  Melvin folds and the river is an 8, no paired board.  The button guy shows the nuts 10-8...

At that point I still had close to $500 in front of me.  I didn't realize it, but I had my stack up to over $700.  When the rush comes, sometimes you forget how you got there..  I continue to play some and win some of my losses back.  I finally leave cashing out $575 for the session.

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