Sunday, October 18, 2009

Coming Back After One Month Of Inaction

Got back to the table last night. I can't believe that I have not played in over one month, I had to check my records. In Malaysia, there is no gambling, Casinos or poker. It is a modern Muslim country with some traditional roots. Muslim woman must cover their heads and wear head scarfs and all Muslims still are not permitted to drink, gamble or eat meat. I was not sure what to do with myself, so I just worked and went to the beach on the weekends. I learn to Para Sail, that was a blast and got a nice foot massage! (getting a massage in Malaysia is probably the only titillating thing you can do there..)

The poker session was just how I left it. Lots of crazy action and loose play. I managed to stay out of most of the craziness. I started out slow and losing about $100 of my $200 buy-in. Then I more then doubled up after hitting a nut flush. A new guy at the table called my all-in bet on the river. German the dealer, never saw my hand but knew I had "the nuts..." So I showed him my nuts! How did he know?

Now, I was up to about $250 and and just took down small pots here and there. I don't think I had another showdown of the cards all night. Everyone just folded to my bets and by 4:40am I had $445 in front of me and I quit. Not a bad session for me not getting any cards.. I will have to wait for another session to get lucky...

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