Thursday, February 7, 2013

Active Morning Today

It was an active morning today.  I closed my DECK trade from yesterday.  It had a nice pop in the morning. I purchased 1000 shares at $41.50, held overnight and sold for$42.02.  A $500 profit after commissions.  I think it has room to run, but am not going to be greedy. 

I covered my two AAPL $465 calls that I sold.  I would have had to sell my AAPL stock for $465, if the stock was above this price after Friday's close.  I feel AAPL has room to run.  It went ex-dividend today but did not trade lower by the dividend amount.  I should be getting a nice $2.65 dividend next week or about $530.

I also covered my FB short from yesterday.  I shorted 1000 shares at $28.90 and covered at $28.45  There are to many insiders selling and I feel the stock is over-hyped.  It traded wildly after earnings, but clearly trading down.  It's probably heading to $20.

I put on a quick trade with GMCR.  Lots of shorts in this stock and they usually cover on any big down day like today.  I purchased at $45.60 and it quickly spiked to $46.25 in less then 5 minutes.  I closed the trade out 11 minutes after wards for $46.20

All told, closed about $1700 in profits!

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