Sunday, February 3, 2013

Great Start to 2013

Its been a great start to 2013.  My portfolio is up more in one month, than what I made for all of 2012.   The market is in bull market mode.  There are plenty of reason to be bearish now, but we continue to march higher.   The mainstream media cant explain it.   The economy is shrinking and unemployment is still stubbornly high.  We are "climbing the wall of worry," despite the fundamentals being weak.  This is the best time to be momentum trader, despite all the warning signs.

Here is my reasons why the markets continue to march higher.  After Obama got re-elected, many traders got short.  The market drop almost 1000 points.  The media said it was worry about the 'fiscal cliff', and when that didn't happen, market participants shorted even more stocks.  After we got a fiscal cliff, the shorts had to cover and the market spiked up.  The shorts have been covering ever since and have even remounted with more shares shorted, fueling the fire.

We wont go up forever, but my theory would be any dips will be bought quickly, as professional money mangers try to get ahead of the markets.  Below are all my closed trades for Jan. 2013.  I did not take any losses until the final days for January.  No body is perfect and I had to use my own advice and minimize my losses to keep my gains.

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