Saturday, February 9, 2013

Apple is on a tear and watching for a squeeze play.

Im glad I covered those 465 AAPL calls.  Because they went from $.95 to over $10 after AAPL when up over $15.  It blasted thru my strike price by $10!  I did sell the 480 calls for .75 and they expired worthless on Firday as AAPL was pinned to $475.  With the hedge removed, I can reap the benefits of any further gains.

  I did try to make a day trade of $ROSG.  Its an Israeli biotech company with 71% short interest.  It looks to have form a solid base between $4.5 and $5.  I was hoping for a quick spike above $5.  I purchased at $5, but it never really made a move until the final minutes.  I sold early at $5.07  Ill keep watching,   The last squeeze play was in May 2012 where it went from $2 to over $25!

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