Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let's go MAKO!

Closed out $MAKO for a 2 day trade.  I bought yesterday 1000@$12.30 and sold today for $12.75 after seeing a tweet.  There is good amount of short interest in this stock and they covered even after a disappointing earnings news.  The volume and price action made this a good momentum play.

Got stuck long some $DECK two weeks ago, sold some covered calls against the stock  Luckily earnings was not bad today. After the bell and the stock has jumped almost 8%.   This one has around 40% short interest and should continue to run.  I should make money on the calls and the stock.  This should bring my personal portfolio back to my 2013 high.

Took a short position in PHM, Pulte is a low end home builder.  Home builders had a great 2012, but the stock has started trending down.  Usually, last year winners turn into the loser for the current year.

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